GE Inspection Technologies Named Global Industrial CT Systems Company of the Year

phoenix vtomex c_operator

We are excited to announce that Frost & Sullivan has recognized GE Inspection Technologies as the 2016 Global Industrial CT Systems Company of the Year for our contributions to the industrial computed tomography (CT) systems market. Frost & Sullivan evaluated the global CT industry based on growth, innovation and leadership in regards to demand generation, brand development and competitive positioning.

Frost & Sullivan recognized GE for our innovative contributions to the CT industry through a wide range of solutions. This includes our:

Advancements in technology provide valuable insight into the production process and have played a major role in our improvements to NDT and inspection solutions. From digitization to software development to imaging capabilities, our CT products optimize productivity in industries like aerospace, automotive and healthcare.

Mariano Kimbara, industry analyst at Frost & Sullivan noted “with its sound technological expertise and vast experience, GE has leveraged its non-destructive testing technology to design CT systems that combine the high precision of a fan beam CT scanner with the up to 100 times increase throughput of automated cone beam CT inspection.”

CT is a continuously evolving technology, and the 3D application for industrial inspections will drastically improve accuracy about indications, keep machines in operation longer and ensure the quality control for production process optimization becomes more precise and productive.  At GE, we are in a unique position our competitors are not; we have the technological expertise to understand how to expand the use of CT technology into industrial applications based on real-world application of our medical grade technology. We will continue to innovate and apply learnings from other areas of our business to bring our customers leading class technologies.


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