Eddy Current: A Cost-Effective Alternative to Liquid Penetration & Magnetic Particle Inspection

Eddy Current Testing

Liquid penetration (LP) & magnetic particle inspection (MPI) are long-standing methods of non-destructive testing (NDT). But, eddy current inspection is proving to be a cost-effective alternative for weld inspections. In a time when companies need to prioritize sustainable practices and improve EHS (Environmental, Health & Safety) performance, Eddy Current Flaw Detectors can help companies meet these goals – while saving time and money.

Eddy current inspection does not require many of the consumables needed with the LP and MPI processes. For example, eddy current doesn’t use chemicals for penetrant or cleaning liquids. This eliminates the costly chemical disposal and is more environmentally-friendly. Additionally, it doesn’t call for pre-inspection coating removal or post-inspection repainting, which eliminates another consumable from the process.

For companies looking to achieve the most bang for their buck, eddy current testing saves money in the long run. Let’s compare eddy current to LP for a shut-down at 250,000 barrel per day refinery for inspection of 10,000 welds. LP would call for:

  • A recurring $6,500 for chemicals
  • 2,100 man hours for pre- and post-tasks
  • 2,900 hours for LP inspections and cost of chemical disposal

Compared to eddy current testing:

  • A one-time $12,000 capital investment
  • 1,700 hours for ED inspection
  • Lower inspection hours
  • Lower long-term cost

Although eddy current testing has a larger initial cost, there is a strong ROI and far less chemical waste than other common weld inspection methods. Learn more about the benefits of eddy current testing in our latest webinar and about Mentor EM Eddy Current Portable Tester.


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