Enhancing NDT Performance at the Inspection Academy

GE Inspection Technologies operates an Inspection Academy at its state-of-the-art facilities around the globe. Highly experienced instructors train both GE employees and customers on GE’s latest non-destructive testing (NDT) tools, helping address a global shortage of experienced, well-trained NDT personnel.

Detailed course-work combined with hands-on experience result in a high level of competence and understanding of inspection theories and concepts. GE’s Inspection Academy offers courses in the major NDT modalities, including ultrasonics, radiography, eddy current, and remote visual inspection.

Recently, GE’s Inspection Academy introduced the first course of its kind to train operators in industrial computed tomography (CT). As advanced 3D technology becomes more prominent in industrial quality control and metrology, the demand for CT operators and analysts is surging. This new course will help organizations meet their staffing and development needs and keep pace with technological innovation.

Check out upcoming courses in January 2016:

  • Ultrasonic Testing Level I
  • Ultrasonic Testing Level II
  • Computed Radiographic (CR) Testing, Level II
  • Film & Digital Radiography (Basic Course)
  • Film & Digital Radiography (Advanced Course)
  • Digital Detector Array (DDA/DR) Testing, Level II
  • Eddy Current Testing Level I

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